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Electrical Conductivity Kit for FRESH Water

Electrical Conductivity Kit for FRESH Water
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Electrical Conductivity Kit for FRESH Water
The Atlas Scientific E.C. is an electrochemical sensor capable of reading the Electrical Conductivity, total dissolved solids and salinity of a liquid. This is a commonly measured electrochemical parameter used in fish tanks, swimming pools, hydroponic gardening, pollution monitoring and general chemistry.

There are 3 different types of sensors that can be used. This may seem a bit complex, however, it’s actually quite easy.

Sensor type:
 K 0.1  - This is used for taking readings of pure water. (most commonly sold sensor type.)

 K 1.0  - This sensor is used to read naturally occurring fresh water to mildly salty water.

 K 10.0  - This sensor is used for saltwater/ocean.
The Atlas Scientific Conductivity kit comes with everything you need to get your laboratory grade embedded Conductivity system up and running.
  • 1x Conductivity Circuit
  • 1x platinum conductivity probe ( K0.1  for taking readings of pure water)
  • 2x 125ml (4oz) calibration solutions (220µs to 3,000µs)
  • 1x BNC connector
  • 1x BNC connector breakout board
  • 1x Conductivity Circuit decal
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