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A kit with all the components you need to produce your very own Arduino compatible on a breadboard. Simply place the included layout sheet on the breadboard then follow the fun Lego style assembly instructions in the included printed manual.


  • Easy to assemble with printed guide and breadboard layout sheet.
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE.


  • Printed Colour Assembly Guide
  • Printed Colour Breadboard Layout Sheet (to make component placement easy)
  • 400 Contact Breadboard
  • ATMega328 (with Arduino bootloader preloaded (Uno))
  • 16 MHz Crystal
  • Capacitors (2x100uf, 2x100nf, 2x22pf)
  • Resistors (2x560ohm, 2x10k ohm, 12x 0 ohm)
  • LEDs (Red power, green pin 13)
  • Jumper Wires
  • Pushbutton (for reset)
  • 6 Pin Header (for programming with a USB-Serial adapter)
  • 7805 Voltage Regulator
  • 9v Battery Clip

NOTE: This kit does not include any USB circuitry, thus to program it you will either require a spare Arduino USB (duemilanove or uno) board, or an FTDI USB-Serial programming cable.

Breadboard Based Arduino Compatible (BBAC)

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