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This breadboard power supply can take power directly from DC power supply (5V to 12V) and outputs a selectable 5V or 3.3V regulated voltage. 

Compare to other breadboard power supply designs, this one provided  mini-USB port like the seeeduino , you can toggle the switch and select your power source. (USB or dc jack). We also used JST-2pin power jack ,the one as on seeeduino. 

With this board, you can send power to both power lane of the breadboard, and each side has an on/off switch.


  • 5V/3.3V regulated voltage
  • Dual lane output
  • Separate power selection for each lane
  • Dual power port input
  • Special designed for Breadboard usage

Breadboard Power Supply - 5V/3.3V

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Breadboard Power Supply - 5V/3.3V (v1.2)

Breadboard Power Supply - 5V/3.3V (v1.2)


It can directly take power from DC wall wart and outputs both 5V and 3.3V regulated voltage

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