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Transistors are powerful little electronic switches, and we really like these NPN transistors whenever we need to control medium-power electronics such as small motors, solenoids, or IR LEDs. We find them so handy, they come in a pack of 10!

Each transistor is a general purpose amplifier, model PN2222 (same pinout as the 2N3904) and has a standard EBC pinout. They can switch up to 40V at peak currents of 1A (not continuously, just peak!), with a DC gain of about 100. They're basically your garden-variety NPN, and do the job with class! For more details, check the datasheet.


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Transistors - NPN Bipolar PN2222 (Pack of 10) [756]

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Transistors - Pack of 170

Transistors - Pack of 170


Transistors - Pack of 170

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Transistors - TIP120 Power Darlington - Pack of 3 [976]

Transistors - TIP120 Power Darlington - Pack of 3 [976]


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