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This TFT Display contains 240 x 240 pixels that can be controlled individually to display up to 262K colours. Above the display is a layer of capacitive touchscreen, offering 29.4mm x 29.4mm active area at the centre of display. As a single touch screen, it can detect finger presses anywhere within the active area during the normal operations. The TFT driver is based on the ST7789S IC Driver with 2 bit data and 4 bit control serial interface while the capacitive touchscreen controller uses I2C.


  • Try to use it in a steady environment as abrupt variation on temperature and humidity may cause malfunction of the panel.
  • Try to keep the panel surface clean and avoid any kind of adhesive applied on the surface, you may use neutral detergent or isopropyl alcohol on a clean soft cloth to clean the panel surface.

Parts List

  • Xadow 1.54" Touchscreen * 1
  • FPC Cable 35 PIN * 2


  • 240 x 240 resolution
  • Display up to 262K colours
  • 4x 2mm/0.9" mounting holds
  • Built-in Xadow Connectors for easy pluggable FPC cables
  • Perfect choice for your DIY phone project


  • TFT Driver: ST7789S
  • Touchscreen Type: Capacitive
  • Backlight: 3 adjustable while LEDs
  • Current draw: ~ 100mA at full backlight
  • Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • 2x 35 PIN Xadow Connectors for Xadow
  • GSM+BLE & Xadow Audio Connector
  • Interfaces: 4 line serial interface for TFT display
  • I2C for touchscreen
  • Dimensions: Board: 50.22mm x 47.21mm / 1.98" x 1.86"
  • Touchscreen: 38.1mm x 37.8mm / 1.51" x 1.51"
  • Active Area: 27.72mm x 27.72mm / 1.09" x 1.09"
  • 4x 2mm/0.9" mounting holds

Xadow 1.54" Touchscreen - 240x240 (262K colours)

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