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FadeCandy - Dithering USB-Controlled Driver for NeoPixels [1689] FadeCandy - Dithering USB-Controlled Driver for NeoPixels [1689]
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1689
A new collaboration between Adafruit & Micah from Scanlime, we are excited to introduce Fadecandy, a NeoPixel driver with built in dithering, that can be controlled over USB. Fadecandy is not just hardware! It is a kit of both hardware and software parts that make LED art projects easier to buil..
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FemtoBuck LED Driver [COM13716] FemtoBuck LED Driver [COM13716]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-COM13716
This is the FemtoBuck, a small-size single-output constant current LED driver. Each FemtoBuck has the capability to dim a single high-power channel of LEDs from 0-350mA at up to 36V while the dimming control can be either accessed via PWM or analog signal from 0-2.5V. This board is based off of the ..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-104990072
Looking for gorgeous LED strips to add some fun to your project? This could be it.   The LED strip Uses trinity-SMD LED as lighting source, with low voltage with resistance and  IC constant current made the shining stable, bright and uniform.  FPC circuit board made it easily to bend,..
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FLORA Budget Pack [1405] FLORA Budget Pack [1405]
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1405
Get started with the fabulous Adafruit Flora platform with this lovely budget kit, just enough to get you started with this fun wearable computer. Included are enough parts to make your first wearable electronic project. There's a Flora motherboard, four ultra-bright chainable RGB pixels, a 3x AAA b..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1260
What's a wearable project without LEDs? Our favourite part of the Flora platform is these tiny smart pixels. Designed specifically for wearables, these updated Flora NeoPixels have ultra-cool technology: these ultra-bright LEDs have a constant-current driver cooked right into the LED package! The pi..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1559
So, you want lots and lots of NeoPixels? And you want them for less? Not a problem! Here's a sheet of Flora NeoPixels fresh from the (reflow) oven. Cut them off as you need 'em and save a pretty penny while you're at it. Each order comes with 20 pixels on a sheet. If you want a smaller number, we a..
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Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM-PIM032
The Matrix module is an 8x8 white LED matrix. It's perfect for scrolling text on, displaying simple animations like smiley faces, or using as a tiny marble maze.Features8x8 white LED matrixIS31FL3730 matrix driver chipMicro USB connectorFind Flotilla Cookbook recipes that use the Matrix module at ht..
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Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM-PIM029
The Number module is a seven-segment display, with four digits, four decimal points, and a colon between the two pairs of digits. It's ideal for using as a readout of sensor values, as a clock, or a countdown timer.Features:Four-digit, seven-segment displayIS31FL3730 matrix driver chipMicro USB conn..
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Brand: Pimoroni Model: PIM-PIM026
The Rainbow module has five shiny bright full-colour LEDs. It's ideal for using as a readout of sensor values, mood light, or health bar indicator for a game.Features:Five 5050 RGB LEDsSN3218 driver chipMicro USB connectorFind Flotilla Cookbook recipes that use the Rainbow module at http://learn.flo..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0094
Infra Red (IR) is widely used in remote control. With this IR receiver, the Arduino project is able to receive commands from any IR remoter controller if you have the right decoder. Make your own IR controller using IR transmitter. Specification Power Supply: 5V Interface: Digital Modulate Fre..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0095
An infrared transmitter is simply a Light Emitting Diode which generates IR light (invisible IR light) - light with a wavelength of between 1 mm and 750 nanometers, and some associated circuitry. In an infrared remote control, for example, pushing a button sends an electric signal to the LED, which ..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-101020026
The Infrared Emitter is used to transmit infrared signals through an infrared LED, while there is an Infrared receiver to get the signals on the other side. An infrared LED is like any other LED, with its color centered around 940nm. We can use the emitter not only to transmit data or commands, but ..
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