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Brand: CubieTech Model: CTECH-EWELL-BL
Cubietruck’s Ewell case is the first one specifically designed for Cubieboard 3 and it makes Cubietruck become a high-end and classy MiniPC product.   The Ewell case for CubieTruck adopts environmental ABS + PC injection molding processing, black rubber paint on the surface, more fashionable an..
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Cubieboard A20 Cubieboard A20
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Brand: CubieTech Model: CTECH-A20
This is an upgrade to the original cubieboard. Compared with cubieboard, the cubieboard A20 uses an Allwinner A20 processor which has a dual core CPU and twice GPU performance. On the software side, cubieboard2 supports both android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Ubuntu 12.04 and other Linux distributions. Since ..
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Brand: CubieTech Model: SEEED-110990052
This is a transparent acrylic case that shelters your Cubieboard from dust and gives it extra protection. Features Basic Easy to assemble Transparent..
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Brand: CubieTech Model: CTECH-PRO00100P
This is a prototyping board for Cubieboard with 1312 isolated soldering pads. All pins of Cubieboard are broken out to 2.54mm headers for jumper wire connection. Besides a VGA port is added on this board for monitor/TV connection. VGA is not supported by the default firmware of Cubieboard. To use i..
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Brand: CubieTech Model: SEEED-110990072
This is a moulded enclosure for Cubieboard that has frosted plates. It fits perfectly for Cubieboard by routing out all ports seamlessly and having marks aside. The top plate slides open so that you can use the SATA power and data sockets. Through this enclosure, you can vaguely see the guts. Feat..
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Brand: CubieTech Model: CTECH-CC-A80
Cubieboard4 is the 4th generation product of Cubieboard series from Cubietech Ltd. It's a new PCB model adopted with Allwinner A80 main chip. And it is enhanced with some new features, such as 2GB DDR3 memory, VGA display port on-board, 100M/1000M RJ45, dual band WIFI, Blue Tooth on-board, support L..
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Cubietruck A20 128GB SSD with Metal Case and Battery Cubietruck A20 128GB SSD with Metal Case and Battery
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Brand: CubieTech Model: CTECH-CTRUCK-METAL
Cubietruck minipc is open-source hardware especially targets industrial control applications and mini server fields. The cubietruck whole machine contains a piece of cubieboard3 (also named cubietruck) mainboard, a 5300mAh battery, 128GB SSD and some necessary accessories. It has 2 USB host por..
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Cubietruck Kit - Dual Core Single-Board Computer Cubietruck Kit - Dual Core Single-Board Computer
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Brand: CubieTech Model: CTECH-CTRUCK-KIT
While A10/A20-cubieboard very suitable for student, software/hardware hackers, A20-cubietruck is suitable for us to make real product.   Cubietruck is the 3rd generation board from Cubieteam - we think of it as the Cubieboard3. It's a new PCB model adopting the Allwinner A20 main chip, the same..
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HDD 3.5 inch Addon Package for Cubieboard and Cubietruck HDD 3.5 inch Addon Package for Cubieboard and Cubietruck
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Brand: CubieTech Model: CTECH-800117001
This is an add-on board for Cubieboard/Cubieboard A20. The aim of the board is supply power to a Hard Disk. So that you can connect your HDD to Cubieboard without another power supply. Features Easy to combine Hard Disk with Cubieboard Small board for 3.5 inch HDD on Cubieboard and Cubietruck ..
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Brand: CubieTech Model: SEEED-328990006
This is a simple heatsink for Allwinner A20 and other similar chips. It has high quality thermal conductive adhesive tape instead of heat conductive silicone, and more simple usage than 2 in 1 heatsink.   You can remove it from Cubieboard or PhoenixA20 with little effort. Its service life can b..
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