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  • DMX 4-Way Splitter

If you have more than 32 devices on your DMX cable, you need to provide a Splitter/Buffer to maintain the DMX signal quality. This 4 Way Optically Isolated DMX splitter/buffer will allow a total 128 down stream devices to be connected, 32 on each output. The DMX-SPLIT4 can be cascaded for even more devices up to 512.

Note: Single 9v-12v DC power supply required.


  • Fully compliant with the latest USITT DMX512-A standard.
  • Backwards compatible with the older USITT DMX512/1990 standard.
  • Optically isolated input, with on-board isolated power supply.
  • Four individually buffered outputs with common ground.
  • Single 9v - 12v DC power supply required.
  • Three LED status indicates main power, isolated power and DMX activity
  • On-board 120 Ohm termination on input and all outputs.
  • Robust, Truss mountable, Steel Case.

DMX 4-Way Splitter

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DMX512, 8-channel Digital Output Module.

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DMX512 Up to 8 Relays and Dimmers (DMX-USB-RX-RLY8)

DMX512 Up to 8 Relays and Dimmers (DMX-USB-RX-RLY8)


The DMX-USB-RX-RLY8 module is a fully compliant with the latest USITT DMX512-A standard, E1.11-2004.

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