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Radio Telemetry Module - RF04 (868-920MHz)

Radio Telemetry Module - RF04 (868-920MHz)
Radio Telemetry Module - RF04 (868-920MHz)

The RF04 is a very easy to use radio telemetry module. The module is powered from the USB bus, so no external power supply or batteries are required. Uses EasyRadio Modules, no need to write encoding/decoding software.
Use with the CM02 to make a complete wireles link for your Robot.

Power Requirement - Powered entirely from USB port
Over Air Data Rate - 19200 bps.
Default Frequency - RF04-400 433.92MHz, RF04-900 869.85MHz
Range - Up to 250m line of site, Up to 150m for RF04/900
Data Buffer - Internal 128 byte buffer

License Exempt Frequency Bands
The RF04/400 uses the LPRS EasyRadio ER400TRS module which operates at 433-434MHz. The frequency allocations between 433-4MHz are Pan European and also extend to South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.
The RF04/900 uses the ER900TRS module for EU (868-870MHz) or USA (902-920MHz) markets. Power output up to 10mW. NOTE restrictions in USA to 1mW and 5mW EU

First Step - Get The Drivers
The heart of this module is the FTDI FT232BM USB chip and the LPRS EasyRadio transceiver. The documentation provided by FTDI is very complete, and is not duplicated here. The serial input and output of the FT232BM connects directly to the EasyRadio module. Before using the RF04, you will need to install FTDI's Virtual COM Port ( VCP ) Drivers. These drivers appear to the system as an extra Com Port ( in addition to any existing hardware Com Ports ). Application software accesses the USB device in the same way as it would access a standard Windows Com Port using the Windows VCOMM API calls or by using a Com Port  Library. Drivers are available for Windows, Apple, Linux and Open BSD systems directly from the FTDI website. You should get and install the drivers now, before you connect the RF04 to your computer. The Drivers page is here
In 2005, LPRS updated the EasyRadio module, Here are the data sheets for the original ER400TRS and the latest ER400TRS-02.

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