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20 Channel RC Servo Driver

20 Channel RC Servo Driver
20 Channel RC Servo Driver

A pre-programmed PIC16F872 driving up to 20 standard RC servo's via the I2C bus. Supplied complete with 8MHz, 3 terminal ceramic resonator.

Features Include:

  • Easy I2C bus control, same protocol as popular EEPROM's such as 24C02
  • Position Control of up to 20 Servo's
  • Servo's inactive at power up until first position sent to it
  • Scan time is 20mS minimum, then proportional to the total number of servo's used.
  • Buffer can be read as well as written saving valuable memory resources on small controllers.
  • Standard mode - 256 bit resolution from 1mS to 2mS.
  • Expanded mode -  Allows pulse to exceed 1mS to 2mS range for greater movement.
  • 0.5uS Timer produces jitter free outputs.
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