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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0222
With Xboard Relay, you can monitor data via the Internet and now also control it through Internet.  The Xboard Relay combines an Atmega32u4 microprocessor and Wiz5100 chip which is fully compatible with Arduino Leondardo and Ethernet library. It has a built-in Xbee socket and 2 Relays which all..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0162
This is Version 2.0 of the Xboard. The main improvement is that it now operates at 5V, making it compatible with most sensors and I2C protocol with out the need of a voltage level converter. The XBoard is a unique Arduino board which features a WIZnet ethernet port, an XBee socket, and an ATMeg..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0360
XSP Programmer is designed for Arduino/AVR devices. It is a driver free programmer, supporting Arduino/AVR ISP and FTDI programming. It could provide both 5V and 3.3V power output or self-adaption power output (OFF mode). Support Xbee socket and auto-match ISP clock frequency. With this programmer, ..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0343
µHex is the first low-power controller which is compatible with Arduino. It is very suitable for the battery power supply environment. A 210mAh CR2032 cell battery could make it work 60 days long. As it is using Atmega 328 Microcontroller, it has good general and powerful performance. It packs 14..
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