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Engineer Inc

Brand: Engineer Inc Model: ENGJP-SS02
Ever go to a diner and they give you a bottle of ketchup and it says "Extra Fancy" and you're thinking to yourself "what makes this ketchup 'extra fancy' anyhow?" Well, this professional grade solder sucker is "Extra Fancy" and there's no question as to why. When you hold its machined aluminum body,..
Ex Tax:£21.80
Brand: Engineer Inc Model: ENGJP-PH51
Save your scissors! Instead of using your nice shears (and dulling them) or wire cutters (not right for the job) - use these super scissors. They're meant for engineering/maker cutting jobs such as cutting plastic, leather, copper sheet/wire, even coaxial & ribbon cables. There's a notched flat ..
Ex Tax:£18.76
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