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Brand: GHI Electronics Model: GHI-GAD11936M
This USB Camera Module can stream images as large as 320x240 with up to 20fps on smaller images.   Requires socket type H and support for USB Cameras (ISO stream)...
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Brand: GHI Electronics Model: GHI-GAD12305P
CAN-BUS is a common industrial bus because of its long travel distance, medium communication speed and high reliability. It is commonly found on modern machine tools and as an automotive diagnostic bus.   Gadgeteer specifications include CAN socket type which exposes the CAN TX and CAN RX dig..
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Brand: GHI Electronics Model: GHI-GAD12302P
The 6 Green LED's can be programmed to rotate, to blink, to alternate or to do whatever you like them to do. Can be used as indicators of level or speed. The center Red LED is also programmable and can be used to indicate some events.   Requires socket type Y.   .NET Gadgeteer compati..
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LightSense Module (.NET Gadgeteer Compatible) LightSense Module (.NET Gadgeteer Compatible)
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Brand: GHI Electronics Model: GHI-GAD12308P
This sensor measures light intensity.   Requires socket type A.   .NET Gadgeteer compatible cable is included. ..
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Brand: GHI Electronics Model: GHI-GAD11950M
A potentiometer is good for measuring position or controlling levels. Note: Requires socket type A...
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Brand: GHI Electronics Model: GHI-GAD11902P
This smart module includes a 32bit microcontroller. The stock firmware controls a bright multicolor LED (fade, blink,..) through .NET Gadgeteer DaysyLink protocol commands sent from .NET Gadgeteer mainboard. It also allows chaining with other DaisyLink modules. Advanced users may program or customiz..
Ex Tax:£15.02
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