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Brand: JustBoom Model: JBM-002
We've designed the JustBoom Raspberry Pi Digi HAT to be simple to install and use. With no soldering required and all the mounting hardware already provided this product is suitable for absolute beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Just connect your Digi HAT to external DAC or amplifier/ampli..
Ex Tax:£26.60
Brand: JustBoom Model: JBM-013
The Digi Zero Case is a sleek and durable enclosure for the Pi Zero and Digi Zero pHAT.Removing or installing the Pi Zero or Digi Zero pHAT board is quick and simple; all without the need for tools. The two piece case is incredibly easy and straight forward to use.This is currently the only case to ..
Ex Tax:£14.00
Brand: JustBoom Model: JBM-005
The JustBoom Pi Zero Digi pHAT is a high-resolution digital audio output add-on board for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The HAT produces a high-quality audio data stream that will not be negatively affected in any way.We've designed the JustBoom Digi pHAT to be simple to install and use. With no soldering ..
Ex Tax:£21.20
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