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Arduino is a popular open-source single-board microcontroller designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible. The hardware consists of a simple open hardware design for the Arduino board with an Atmel AVR processor and on-board input/output support. The software consists of a standard programming language compiler and the boot loader that runs on the board.

Arduino Compatibility

There are a great many Arduino-compatible and Arduino-derived boards. Some are functionally equivalent to an Arduino and may be used interchangeably. Many are the basic Arduino with the addition of commonplace output drivers, often for use in school-level education to simplify the construction of buggies and small robots. Others are electrically equivalent but change the form factor, sometimes permitting the continued use of Shields, sometimes not. Some variants even use completely different processors, with varying levels of compatibility.

Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-102010004
Superceded by Seeduino v4.2The Seeeduino v4.0 is an ATMEGA328 Microcontroller development board. The ATMEGA328P-MU is a high performance, low power AVR 8-Bit Microcontroller. The Seeeduino v4.0 has 14 digital input/output pins (6 of which can be used as PWM outputs) and 6 analog pins. Features The..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-102010026
There are many Arduinos and Arduino-compatible boards out there - Seeeduino V4.2 may be one f the best. Seeeduino V4.2 is an Arduino-compatible board, based on Atmega328P MCU and it is stable, easy-to-use and even good looking.Seeeduino V4.2 is based the Arduino UNO bootloader, and with an ATMEGA16U..
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Brand: Sodaq Model: SODAQ-Autonomo
SODAQ built a next generation, Arduino-compatible board that can record data and trigger actions in any environment.We believe you can save yourself a lot of time by being notified of important information. The information you want and need should come to you, magically. Having to go to your favorit..
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Brand: Particle Model: SPARK-CORE-chip
The Spark Core is an Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi enabled, cloud-powered development platform that makes creating internet-connected hardware a breeze. It is a tiny Wi-Fi development board, open source, widely successful funded Kickstarter project.   This little board packs a punch: with a 72 MH..
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Brand: Particle Model: SPARK-CORE-uFL
The Spark Core is an Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi enabled, cloud-powered development platform that makes creating internet-connected hardware a breeze.    This little board packs a punch: with a 72 MHz ARM Cortex M3, the best Wi-Fi module on the market, wireless programming, and lots of pin..
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Brand: Particle Model: SPARK-MAKER
The Spark Core is an Arduino-compatible, Wi-Fi enabled, cloud-powered development platform that makes creating internet-connected hardware a breeze.    The Spark Maker Kit contains all the necessary hardware components to get you started with building simple Internet enabled projects. Th..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-DEV12757
At SparkFun we use many Arduinos and we’re always looking for the simplest, most stable one. Each board is a bit different and no one board has everything we want, so we decided to make our own version that combines all our favorite features. The SparkFun RedBoard combines the simplicity of the UNO’..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-102990088
SquareWear 2.0 is an open-source, Arduino-based wearable microcontroller board. It is small, low-cost, and provides an all-in-one solution for wearable as well as general-purpose electronics projects.   At the heart, SquareWear is an Arduino running at 3.3V and 12MHz. It has large pin holes sui..
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Sumo Robot Kit: Berseker Class Sumo Robot Kit: Berseker Class
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-KIT0045
Sumo Robots, roll out! Built for Sumo Robot fight, this Sumo Robot Kit: Berseker Class is first of its kind in DFRobot sumo robot family.   Based on the combat-winning model "Nevermore", Berseker class benefits from DFRobot's 2 wheel MiniQ platform and the Romeo V2 controller to be an agile and..
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Touch Board Touch Board
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-TOUCHBOARD-CE
The Touch Board is a tool to make your projects interactive, responsive, smart or just fun. The Touch Board is designed as an easy-to-use platform for a huge range of projects. Use the Touch Board to change the world around you by turning almost any material or surface into a sensor. Paint a lights..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1500
Trinket may be small, but do not be fooled by its size! It's a tiny microcontroller board, built around the Atmel ATtiny85, a little chip with a lot of power. We wanted to design a microcontroller board that was small enough to fit into any project, and low cost enough to use without hesitation. Per..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-102990172
UF0 is all-in-one arduino-compatible prototyping platform powered by ST STM32F051C8T6 Cortex-M0. It also integrates with Seeed Studio grove 4-pin interface, which can be connected with major grove families, making prototype easier and faster. The TSC capacitive touch controller is the unique charact..
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