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Microchip (PIC)

Brand: Devantech Model: DEVAN-USB-GPIO12
The USB-GPIO12 is a general purpose processor module using the PIC18F14K50. This chip has a USB module built in which we have used to implement Microchip's HID Boot-loader. This boot-loader is already programmed into USB-GPIO12 and ready for use. The USB-GPIO12 is powered from the USB bus and the 5v..
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Brand: Devantech Model: DEVAN-SD20
A pre-programmed PIC16F872 driving up to 20 standard RC servo's via the I2C bus. Supplied complete with 8MHz, 3 terminal ceramic resonator. Features Include: Easy I2C bus control, same protocol as popular EEPROM's such as 24C02 Position Control of up to 20 Servo's Servo's inactive at power up ..
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Brand: Devantech Model: DEVAN-SD21
The SD21 is a 21 channel servo controller module. It will drive up to 21 RC servo's and maintain a 20mS refresh rate, regardless of the number of servo's used or their positions (pulse widths). It will control both position and speed of the servo's. It's controlled by sending commands to the on-boar..
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Brand: Devantech Model: DEVAN-DEV-P182432
The DEVelopment range of processor modules consists of three types covering the PIC18, PIC24 and PIC32 processors from Microchip. They have a consistent footprint making it easy to target processor families for new applications, or as an easy way to use a surface mounted processor. The modules all f..
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Brand: Devantech Model: DEVAN-DEV-PIC18F67J50
PIC18F67J50 processor module with 128k Flash, 3.9k bytes RAM and a 12mips 8-bit CPU. The module has Microchip's USB Boot-loader already programmed in...
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Brand: Devantech Model: DEVAN-PIC24FJ256GB206
PIC24FJ256GB206 processor module with 256k Flash, 96k bytes RAM and a 16mips 16-bit CPU. The module has Microchip's USB Boot-loader already programmed in...
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Brand: Devantech Model: DEVAN-DEV-PIC32MX795F512H
PIC32MX795F512H processor module with 512k Flash, 128k bytes RAM and an 80mips 32-bit CPU. The module has Microchip's USB Boot-loader already programmed in...
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-DEV13613
Are you a Java developer looking to add advanced hardware I/O capabilities to your Android or PC application? Well then the IOIO-OTG is for you! The IOIO-OTG (pronounced 'yo-yo-O-T-G') is a development board specially designed to do just that. It features a PIC microcontroller which acts like a brid..
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