• DEV-P182432 Processor Modules

The DEVelopment range of processor modules consists of three types covering the PIC18, PIC24 and PIC32 processors from Microchip. They have a consistent footprint making it easy to target processor families for new applications, or as an easy way to use a surface mounted processor. The modules all feature USB, 12MHz Crystal, Reset controller and have Microchip's USB Boot-loader already programmed in. The modules can be powered directly from the USB cable, or if using it as a stand alone system from a regulated 3.3v supply or a 4.5v-9v unregulated supply. The two rows are on a 0.8" pitch and easily plug into standard prototyping blocks.

DEV-PIC18F67J50 - 128k Flash, 3.9k bytes RAM, 12mips 8-bit CPU
DEV-PIC24FJ256GB206 - 256k Flash, 96k bytes RAM, 16mips 16-bit CPU
DEV-PIC32MX795F512H - 512k Flash, 128k bytes RAM, 80mips 32-bit CPU

DEV-P182432 Processor Modules

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DEV-PIC18F67J50 Processor Module

DEV-PIC18F67J50 Processor Module


PIC18F67J50 processor module with 128k Flash, 3.9k bytes RAM and a 12mips 8-bit CPU.

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DEV-PIC24FJ256GB206 Processor Module

DEV-PIC24FJ256GB206 Processor Module


PIC24FJ256GB206 processor module with 256k Flash, 96k bytes RAM and a 16mips 16-bit CPU.

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DEV-PIC32MX795F512H Processor Module

DEV-PIC32MX795F512H Processor Module


PIC32MX795F512H processor module with 512k Flash, 128k bytes RAM and an 80mips 32-bit CPU.

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