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Puck.js is a low energy smart device which can be programmed wirelessly and comes pre-installed with JavaScript. It is both multi-functional and easy to use, with a custom circuit board, the latest Nordic chip, Bluetooth Smart, Infra-red and much more, all enclosed in a tiny silicone case.

We have an easy to use graphical editor, so it’s perfect for any maker, whether you’re just starting out or have been making for years. You can start programming straight out of the box - no wires or software required!


  • Espruino JavaScript interpreter pre-installed
  • nRF52832 SoC - Cortex M4, 64kB RAM, 512kB Flash
  • 8 x 0.1" GPIO (capable of PWM, SPI, I2C, UART, Analog Input)
  • 9 x SMD GPIO (capable of PWM, SPI, I2C, UART)
  • ABS plastic rear case with lanyard mount
  • Silicone cover with tactile button
  • MAX3110 Magnetometer
  • IR Transmitter
  • Built in thermometer, light and battery level sensors
  • Red, Green and Blue LEDs
  • NFC tag programmable from JavaScript
  • Pin capable of capacitive sensing

Why choose Puck.js?

Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth Low Energy) is an amazing technology - it's now built into virtually all Phones and Computers, and Bluetooth Smart devices have a battery life of years.

Most manufacturers conveniently gloss over the difficulties of programming their hardware, and other beacons are provided without software or left crippled by their boring factory-installed software. Puck.js is different - it comes with our Open Source JavaScript interpreter Espruino pre-installed, which makes it incredibly easy to use and means you can get started in just seconds, without any prior programming experience.

Puck.js - Javascript Bluetooth Beacon

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