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This Raspberry Pi prototyping shield is compatible with models B+, 2B and newest 3B. It stacks on top of your Pi and is easily removeable. The board uses dual headers on the underside to connect to the Pi's GPIO headers. The board itself a large prototyping area, half of which is breadboard-style (with horizontal and vertical rails), and half which is perfboard style (with copper pads) ready to be populated with DIP chips and through-hole components for a more permanent solution than a breadboard. There is also an available slot for 1 SOIC SMD chip. Around the edges are female headers and 3.5mm screw-terminal blocks for breakout pins, making it easy to temporarily connect wires and LEDs. There is also a 4 block terminal block Because of the Pi 2's higher profile, some header extensions are included so that the Pi's USB ports don't obstruct the shield when placed on top.

Note: Raspberry Pi and Shield can't be powered simultaneously.


  • A big prototyping area, half of which is 'breadboard' style and half of which is 'perfboard' style so you can wire up DIP chips, sensors, and the like.
  • Along the edges of the proto area, all the GPIO/I2C/SPI and power pins are broken out to 0.1" stips so you can easily connect to them.
  • On the edges of the prototyping area, all of the breakout pins are also connected to labeled 3.5mm screw-terminal blocks. This makes it easy to semi-permanently wire in sensors, LEDs, etc.
  • There's also a 4-block terminal block broken out to 0.1" pads for general non-GPIO wiring.
  • A SOIC and a TSSOP surface mount chip breakout area, for those chips that dont come in DIP format.
  • Compatible EEPROM chip: AT24C08BN-SP25-T
  • POWER LED indicator

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  • Prototyping Shield for Raspberry Pi x1

Prototyping Hat for Raspberry Pi

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