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360 Degree Laser Scanner Development Kit (RPLIDAR) 360 Degree Laser Scanner Development Kit (RPLIDAR)
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RPLIDAR is a low cost 360 degree 2D laser scanner (LIDAR) solution developed by RoboPeak. The system can perform 360 degree scan within 6 meter range. The produced 2D point cloud data can be used in mapping, localization and object/environment modeling. RPLIDAR’s scanning frequency reached 5.5 hz w..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-105090001
Only 3.3v supported for motor encoder connectors and Grove connectorsThe 4WD Driver Platform V1.0 is a multi-purpose, all-in-one development platform based on Intel Edison. It is specially designed for robotics applications. Fully compatible with Arduino open source platform and Linux, supports mult..
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4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit 4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-110070012
4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit is a 4 wheel drive mobile platform based on Mecanum wheels. It contains two left mecanum wheels as well as two right mecanum wheels. The four Mecanum wheels are connected to motor separately and controlled independently. Depending on each individual wheel’s direction and ..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-KIT0081
BOXZ is is an open source robot platform for DIY interactive entertainments! It combines Arduino, Origami and Robotics together, is easy to assemble, and also super fun to play with. The LEGO-like assembly manual will guide you through the whole process, and you will be able to control it with phone..
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Cherokey 4WD Cherokey 4WD
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-ROB0102
The Cherokey 4WD is a versatile mobile robot jeep compatible with the most popular microcontrollers like Uno, Mega2560, Romeo, etc. Cherokey embedded the L298P motor driver chip which allows to drive two 6-12V DC motors with maximum 2A current. The integrated 2 way DC motor driver and Xbee & APC..
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Crazyflie 2.0 Crazyflie 2.0
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Brand: Bitcraze Model: BC-CF2
The Crazyflie 2.0 is a versatile flying development platform that only weights 27g and fits in the palm of your hand. It's advanced functionalities makes it ideal for developers and the Bluetooth LE capabilities makes it easy to fly from mobile devices. With it's small size and weight it's ideal for..
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Brand: Bitcraze Model: BC-CF2-BEB
Test new hardware easily without soldering by using the breakout expansion board. Just build the circuit on a breadboard and attach the Crazyflie 2.0 to it. This product is intended to be used together with the Crazyflie 2.0 nano quadcopter and uses it's expansion board system. Please have a look a..
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Devastator Robot Kit (Built-in WiFi Vision and Sensors) - by Intel Edison Devastator Robot Kit (Built-in WiFi Vision and Sensors) - by Intel Edison
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-ROB0125
The Devastator Tank mobile platform kit is a multi-functional robot platform kit. Its functions include obstacle avoidance, real time monitoring and a full range angle of view.The Devastator kit provides you with everything you need to build your own tracked platforms. It is expandable so you can ad..
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Devastator Tank Mobile Platform Devastator Tank Mobile Platform
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-ROB0112
DFRobot proudly presents Devastator Tank Mobile Platform, our newest robot track platform. It is fully compatible with most popular controllers in the market such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on. The Devastator uses high strength aluminum alloy which makes it extremely solid and durable. The hig..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0136
This is probably the smallest Arduino controller specially designed for controlling servos.  It features a 12 standard servo control capability with a Xbee socket which can be used in model helicopters or UAVs via the Xbee link.  The light weight (7.5g) makes it an ideal controller for app..
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General Mobile Robot (GMR) Controller General Mobile Robot (GMR) Controller
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0271
GMR is the abbreviation of General Mobile Robot controller. It's an integrated circuit board specifically designed for home robot platforms, such as HCR (Home Care Robot).   In this integrated version of GMR, you will need three microncontrollers (MCUs): two Arduino Nano / Dream Nano and one Ar..
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Brand: Raspberry Pi Model: DEXIND-GoPiGo_Starter_Kit
GoPiGo is a robot car! The Base Kit is perfect if you already have a Raspberry Pi and want to get it moving. It comes with everying you need to get your Raspberry Pi rolling including the GoPiGo board, chassis, wheels, motors, encoders, and power battery pack.   With so many programming languag..
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