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This is the latest version of Grove-recorder, and also the best version. Compared to the previous one, there are some updates that we would like to mention.

First change is MCU. In V3.0, the MCU is upgraded to ISD9160FI, which is more powerful than the old one ISD1820PY. How is it more powerful? Together with the newly added 2Mbytes flash, it allows you to record up to 83 seconds, much longer than previous 12 sec record.

Secondly, if you used the previous version, you would know that if you want to play back what you have recorded, you need to press another button on a separately connected Grove button. In V3.0, we integrated the record button and play back button into one button. By holding the button for 2 sec, it starts recording, by push the button quickly, it plays back what has been recorded.

Here is some tips to let you use It better.

  • When you are using external signal drive the grove connector, please toggle the record switch to the Rec side
  • When you are recording or playing back, please dont push the button until the recording or playing end.
  • If you are using a third party speaker, pay attention to the input voltage in case of over loading and damaging of the board.


  • Very long record time, up to 83s
  • Built-in button to operate
  • Built-in led indicator
  • Stand alone or control by MCU
  • Built-in Microphone

Recorder v3.0 (Grove)

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Recorder (Grove)

Recorder (Grove)


Grove - Recorder is based on ISD1820P, which can record 8~20 sec

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VS1053 Codec + MicroSD Breakout - MP3/WAV/MIDI/OGG Play + Record [1381]

VS1053 Codec + MicroSD Breakout - MP3/WAV/MIDI/OGG Play + Record [1381]


This breakout board is the ultimate companion for the VLSI VS1053B DSP codec chip.

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Voice Recorder Module (Gravity)

Voice Recorder Module (Gravity)


Easily record your voice by pressing the record button, speaking and then releasing the button when ...

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