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The Xadow LED 5x7 consists of a 5x7 monochrome LED matrix and a LED controller. You can sending command to the LED controller through I2C interface (address 0x21) to display numbers, letters or even pixel images. This could come handy in your wearable projects.

Parts List

  • Xadow LED 5x7 x1
  • FPC Cable 11 PIN x2


  • LED Matrix
  • Plug-and-play if connected with RePhone Kit Create
  • Open source and modular design
  • Slim and small
  • Built-in 11 PIN Xadow Connectors for full flexible connection with other Xadow Modules
  • Stackable, chainable and sewable with other Xadow Modules


  • Microcontroller: STM32F030F4
  • Core: ARM 32-bit Cortex -M0 CPU
  • Power Supply: 3.3 - 6V (via breakout pins)
  • Flash: 16 KB
  • SRAM: 4 KB
  • Clock Speed: 48 MHz
  • Interfaces: Interface with Xadow GSM+BLE through I2C (7-bit address 0x21)
  • Dimension: 25.37mm X 20.30mm / 1" X 0.8"

Xadow LED 5x7 v2

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LED 5x7 (Xadow)

LED 5x7 (Xadow)

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The Xadow LED 5x7 contains two parts: a LED panel and a LED controller.

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Xadow 1.54" Touchscreen - 240x240 (262K colours)

Xadow 1.54" Touchscreen - 240x240 (262K colours)


This TFT Display contains 240 x 240 pixels that can be controlled individually to display up to 262K ...

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