Disposable ECG Electrode is Ag or AgCl electrode, which consists of base lining material, conductive gel, and electrode buckle. The base lining material uses a non-woven fabric, the breathable paper, cotton or PE and foam with medical hypoallergenic adhesive. Used for ECG signal acquisition.

Electrical performance

  • Separate AC Impedance: ≤3KΩ
  • Average AC Impedance : ≤2KΩ
  • DC offset voltage: ≤100mV
  • Internal noise: ≤150µ

Simulated defibrillation recovery performance

  • Discharge in the 5th second electrode to voltage: ≤100mV
  • Average rate of change every 10 second: ≤±1mV/S
  • Simulated defibrillation Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy: ≤3KΩ
  • Bias current tolerance: ≤100mV


  • Cytotoxicity : ≤1 level
  • Primary skin irritation: PⅡ0.0-1.9
  • Sensitisation: <1 level


  • Use it as soon as possible after inner packing is opened. Skin can be seriously irritated if using old electrodes.


1. Connect the clamp of the conductive wire with the electrode buckle.
2. Remove the adhesive-proof paper and electrode cover from the handle at the edge of the electrode.
3. Place the electrode connecting the conductive wire on the position of the patient subject to examination.


Two years

How to Store

Should be stored in the relative humidity less than 80%,Non - corrosive gas and well ventilated room.

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