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Touch & Pressure

Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1362
This breakout board is the simplest way to create a project with mutiple capacitive touch sensors. No microcontroller is required here - just power with 1.8 to 5.5VDC and connect up to 5 conductive pads to the 5 left-hand pins. When a capacitive load is detected (e.g. a person touches one of the con..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1375
This breakout board is the simplest way to create a project with a single "toggle" capacitive touch sensor. No microcontroller is required here - just power with 1.8 to 5.5VDC and touch the pad to activate the sensor. This sensor is a toggle output type: touch-on then touch-off. That means that whe..
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Capacitive Trackpad/Touchpad - Microcontroller-Friendly PS/2 [837] Capacitive Trackpad/Touchpad - Microcontroller-Friendly PS/2 [837]
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-837
Add a cool touch interface with your project with this microcontroller-friendly track-pad. We found an easy to use PS/2 track-pad that is easy to use and interface with. This track-pad is two-in-one: you can use it either in relative 'mouse mode', where it spit out finger movements as they change OR..
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Brand: Spectra Symbol Model: SPECSYM-1310
Manufactured by Spectra Symbol, these are nice little ribbon controllers (also known as 'soft potentiometers') with an adhesive backing. This shape is a circular soft potentiometer with a donut-shaped sensing region whose outer diameter is 55.96mm/2.2in and inner diameter is 35.63mm/1.4in. There is..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-519
Measuring stretch forces isn't easy - unless you have some conductive rubber cord! This cord is 2mm diameter, and 1 meter long, made of carbon-black impregnated rubber. Usually this material is used for EMF gasketing, but its also very fun to play with. In a 'relaxed' state, the resistance is about..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-TOY0016
This digital push button is .NET Gadgeteer compatible, which uses the .NET Micro Framework to make writing code for your device as easy as writing a desktop, Web or Windows Phone application. It's a pretty luminous yellow button with smooth feedback, which can detect your push action. It is ideal f..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0027
This vibration sensor is able to detect weak vibration signals. Specification IO Type: Digital Switch life: up to 10 million seconds Open circuit resistance: 10Mohm Parts List Sensor (1 unit) Digital Sensor Cable (1 unit) (SKU:FIT0011)..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1917
The Sensor Film Kit is a great new way to make custom-sized sensors out of force sensitive material. This kit includes one piece of black plastic sensor film (it's thicker and more durable than Velostat but similar in function), two pieces of heavy aluminum foil, and two pieces of clear adhesive pol..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-111020001
This module is an incremental rotary encoder. It encodes the rotation signal from the axis and outputs the signal by electronic pulse. This Encoder is part of the Grove series and has a standard Grove interface. When you need to add a rotary knob to your project, for example a volume knob for a spea..
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Fingerprint Scanner - 5V TTL (GT-511C3) [GT511C3] Fingerprint Scanner - 5V TTL (GT-511C3) [GT511C3]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-SEN11792
Fingerprint scanners are awesome. Why use a key when you have one right at the tip of your finger? Unfortunately, they're usually unreliable or difficult to implement. Well not anymore! We've found this great fingerprint module from ADH-Tech that communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed ..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-SEN-10264
A simple flex sensor 2.2" in length. As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases. Patented technology by Spectra Symbol - they claim these sensors were used in the original Nintendo Power Glove. I love the Nintendo Power Glove. It’s so bad! The resistance of the flex sensor ..
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Flexible Piezo Film Vibration Sensor (Gravity) Flexible Piezo Film Vibration Sensor (Gravity)
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-SEN0209
This is an Arduino compatible piezo film vibration sensor. It is made up of flexible piezo film and converter board. The sensor is able to detect vibration, flexibility, impact and touch.The film is a flexible component comprising a 28 µm thick piezoelectric PVDF polymer film with screen-printed Ag-..
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