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BeagleBone Shields

BeagleBone Black RS485 + CAN Expansion CAPE BeagleBone Black RS485 + CAN Expansion CAPE
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Brand: Waveshare Model: WVSHARE-1
BB Black Expansion CAPE featuring RS485 and CAN InterfacesWhat's on the RS485 CAN CAPE BB Black connector : for connecting BB Black CAN pinheader CAN screw terminal RS485 pinheader RS485 screw terminal DEBUG interface : for debugging BB Black OR other connected modules Power expansion pinhea..
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Brand: BeagleBoard Model: SEEED-103030034
Note: Please update firmware if your current one doesn’t support this BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape. Download BeagleBone Green HDMI firmware. BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape is a general integrated HDMI connector for expanding your BeagleBone to a rich variety of peripherals such as computer monitor, video..
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