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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-BOB13773
Cherry MX Keyswitches are top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard switches. They're satisfyingly 'clicky', reliable up to tens-of-millions of key presses, and a standard in gaming and programming keyboards across the globe. With the SparkFun Cherry MX Switch Breakout we have made the switches more easil..
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Conductive Thread - Stainless Steel - 60g Conductive Thread - Stainless Steel - 60g
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SF-DEV-11791
This is about 360 yards of conductive thread spun from stainless steel fiber and wound on a spool. You can use it as a creative way to connect various electronics onto clothing projects. This large spool is a great way to get into wearable electronics without a large upfront cost and a large enough ..
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CryptoShield [DEV13183] CryptoShield [DEV13183]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-DEV13183
The CryptoShield is a dedicated security peripheral for the Arduino and was made in collaboration with a previous Hacker In Residence, Josh Datko. This shield adds specialized ICs that perform various cryptographic operations which will allow you to add a hardware security layer to your Arduino proj..
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EasyDriver v4.5 - Stepper Motor Driver [ROB12779] EasyDriver v4.5 - Stepper Motor Driver [ROB12779]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-ROB12779
The EasyDriver is a simple to use stepper motor driver, compatible with anything that can output a digital 0 to 5V pulse (or 0 to 3.3V pulse if you solder SJ2 closed on the EasyDriver). The EasyDriver requires a 6V to 30V supply to power the motor and can power any voltage of stepper motor. The Easy..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-COM12781
The SparkFun EL Sequencer is a board that contains an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, and circuitry for controlling up to eight strands of electroluminescent wire. EL wire is flexible plastic cord that glows brightly when high-voltage AC is applied to it. It’s available in numerous colors (see t..
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Electret Microphone Breakout [BOB-12758] Electret Microphone Breakout [BOB-12758]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-BOB12758
This small breakout board couples an Electret microphone (100Hz–10kHz) with a 60x mic preamplifier to amplify the sounds of voice, claps, door knocks or any sounds loud enough to be picked up by a microcontroller's analog-to-digital converter. Each breakout comes fully assembled and works from 2..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-BOB09946
This breakout board uses the LTC3588 Piezoelectric Energy Harvester from Linear Technologies. This board can be used not only for harvesting piezoelectric energy, but solar energy as well. There is a bridge rectified input for piezo elements (PZ1 and PZ2) and a direct input (VIN) for DC sources. Bot..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-WRL13711
This is the SparkFun ESP8266 Thing Dev Board - a development board that has been solely design around the ESP8266, with an integrated FTDI USB-to-Serial chip. The ESP8266 is a cost-effective, and very capable WiFi-enabled microcontroller. Like any microcontroller, it can be programmed to blink LEDs,..
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ESP8266 Thing [WRL13231] ESP8266 Thing [WRL13231]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-WRL13231
The SparkFun ESP8266 Thing is a breakout and development board for the ESP8266 WiFi SoC - a leading platform for Internet of Things (IoT) or WiFi-related projects. The Thing is low-cost and easy to use, and Arduino IDE integration can be achieved in just a few steps. We’ve made the ESP8266 easy to u..
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FemtoBuck LED Driver [COM13716] FemtoBuck LED Driver [COM13716]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-COM13716
This is the FemtoBuck, a small-size single-output constant current LED driver. Each FemtoBuck has the capability to dim a single high-power channel of LEDs from 0-350mA at up to 36V while the dimming control can be either accessed via PWM or analog signal from 0-2.5V. This board is based off of the ..
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Fingerprint Scanner - 5V TTL (GT-511C3) [GT511C3] Fingerprint Scanner - 5V TTL (GT-511C3) [GT511C3]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-SEN11792
Fingerprint scanners are awesome. Why use a key when you have one right at the tip of your finger? Unfortunately, they're usually unreliable or difficult to implement. Well not anymore! We've found this great fingerprint module from ADH-Tech that communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed ..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-SEN-10264
A simple flex sensor 2.2" in length. As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases. Patented technology by Spectra Symbol - they claim these sensors were used in the original Nintendo Power Glove. I love the Nintendo Power Glove. It’s so bad! The resistance of the flex sensor ..
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