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Brand: Switch Science Model: SS-109990040
You may have attracted to Time-lapse movies. In the world of such movies, everything moves very fast and we can find something which we cannot find in the real world. Such movies can be made by shooting each frame very slowly. Before the age of digital cameras, Time-lapse movies were created only by..
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Mbed LPC1114FN28 - ARM Cortex-M0 Mbed LPC1114FN28 - ARM Cortex-M0
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Brand: Switch Science Model: SS-102990068
mbed LPC1114FN28 enables you to use NXP LPC1114FN28 (ARM Cortex-M0 MCU in DIP28 package) on the mbed development environment easily. It is bundled with an LPC1114FN28.   The LPC1114FN28 is an ARM Cortex-M0 based, mbed enabled microcontroller, offering performance, low power, simple instructio..
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Brand: Switch Science Model: SSCI-014052
This is a breadboard friendly, 2.54mm pitch, I2C controlled 8x2 characters LCD board for 5V microcontrollers. It has the pull-up resistors for I2C bus in it.   It is the 2.54mm pitch, so you can plug in the breadboard and Arduino. The pin assignment is same as Arduino Uno “Analog” pins which ar..
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USB Console Adapter for Intel Galileo USB Console Adapter for Intel Galileo
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Brand: Switch Science Model: SS-800122001
The Intel Galileo Development Board has a serial console port to access the boot-loader and Linux prompt. However, it is not easy to access this serial console because the connector is a stereo phone jack and the signal is the RS-232C level. With this console adapter, you can connect this non-standa..
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Brand: Switch Science Model: SS-800144001
This board breaks out all pins of the XBee to 2.54mm pitch.   You can add a bypass capacitor and/or LED indicators ("ON" and "Associate / AD5") by yourself. These parts are not included in this kit. For detail, please see schematic in the document part.   You can use For LEDs, 3mm diame..
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