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Save your scissors! Instead of using your nice shears (and dulling them) or wire cutters (not right for the job) - use these super scissors. They're meant for engineering/maker cutting jobs such as cutting plastic, leather, copper sheet/wire, even coaxial & ribbon cables. There's a notched flat section and a grippy tooth section.

Notched (front) section capabilities:

  • Nylon/Kevlar fiber: Various types
  • Copper braided wire: Various types
  • Leather / Cork: Max. 5mm thick
  • Aluminum/Copper sheet: max. 0.5mm thick
  • Plastic plate / PET: max. 1.0mm thick
  • PP / Polycarbonate: Max. 1.2mm thick

Toothed (back) section capabilities:

  • Aluminum wire: Max. dia. 2mm
  • Rope: Max. dia. 10mm
  • Coaxial cable: 5C(conductor 1mm)
  • PVC cabtire cord: 2 mm2(VCT4)
  • Cotton insulated cord: Various types

Technical Details

  • Max Dimensions: 205x85mm
  • Blade Dimensions: 58mm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Hardness: Hardness: HRC56-60


Super Scissors (3:53)


Build a sound reactive LED microphone flag
Build an enclosure for your Trellis project
Turn failed prints into recycled filament!
Knit with steel, control touch screens!
Cosplay as Squall Leonhart with an epic replica GunBlade
Hack your existing charger and build your own portable charger

Super Scissors - PH-51

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