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DSO Quad - Aluminium Alloy Silver DSO Quad - Aluminium Alloy Silver
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-109990016
DSO Quad – Aluminum Alloy is a new, rigid, elegant aluminum alloy shell making the original Quad even better. This is the coolest tool you should have on your work table! DSO Quad is a pocket size 4 channel digital oscilloscope for common electronic engineering tasks. It's based on ARM cortex M3 (S..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-110060069
The DSO Touch is 2 channel digital pocket sized oscilloscope. It's only 10mm thick with an aluminum alloy appearance making it a compact and stylish tool. The touch screen is 320x240 colour display. It supports SD card USB flash disk storage and USB charging. DSO Touch can be used in academic, exper..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-DFR0359
eClip is an innovative programming/testing tool specially designed for Makers. It solves the problem of prototyping wearable projects with ICSP and FTDI interfaces in limited spaces. It provides 2x4 pogo-pins function-board, which makes it much easier to design and use ICSP/FTDI based on Arduino/AV..
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Electric Paint Pen - 10ml Electric Paint Pen - 10ml
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-PEN-10ML
Draw circuits, solder components and repair devices on a range of surfaces with electrically conductive paint. Try it out, draw a circuit! Cold solder. Repair PCBs. Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint provides a great platform for discovering, playing, repairing and designing with electronics. Electr..
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-FCP-RP
The Robot Parade Flashing Card Pack provides an engaging group activity for teaching participants of all ages how electricity flows through circuits and introducing simple circuit design. Makes 30 flashing cards. This pack contains everything you need to lead a group of up to 30 participants throug..
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-FCS-MR
Makes 3 flashing cards The Merry Resistivities set contains all the materials you need to make three flashing greeting cards using Electric Paint. This fun activity is great for makers of all ages. Our easy step-by- step instructions show you how to draw simple circuits with Electric Paint and att..
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Fly Air Mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard Fly Air Mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard
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Brand: Other Model: IPAZZPORT
The iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard is specially designed for Google TV (also known as iPazzPort Google TV Mini Wireless Keyboard) with a full set of keys (standard keyboard layout). It can easily manage those inputs required by internet TV watching as well as web surfing through the Google TV set ..
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Grease for 3D Printer (5 gram) Grease for 3D Printer (5 gram)
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-FIT0276
This box of grease is very small, light and easy to carry. It can be uesd in many places. It is suitable for the condition of light load or high speed plastic gear, plastic parts, nylon retainer bearing lubrication, protection and noise reduction. You will need it for your robot and 3D Printer.Speci..
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HELLA OONTZ! Open-Source 16x8 Grid Controller Kit [1999] HELLA OONTZ! Open-Source 16x8 Grid Controller Kit [1999]
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1999
Build and customize your very own open-source button grid controller based on the Adafruit Trellis with the OONTZ kit HELLA OONTZ KIT! Designed by PaintYourDragon, this DIY kit comes with delicious translucent button pads, controller pads, diffused white LEDS and a custom laser cut enclosure. The re..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-3057
Polyimide Tape (sometimes referred to by the brand name Kapton Tape) is an interesting addition to your toolbox! Polyimide Tape remains stable across a wide range of temperatures from about −269°C to +400°C. Along with aircrafts, spacecrafts, and x-rays, polyimide tape is also used in elec..
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Brand: Seeedstudio Model: SEEED-114990189
This 0-14mm hole saw is used to trepan wood or plastic.    ..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-FIT0400
This is a great magnifier for multiple purposes, circuit board and printing industry, medical science, gardening, coins and stamp, education, geography, house living and office use. The magnifier comes with 2-LED illumination for seeing clearly in the dark. The magnifier is compact and portable desi..
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