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Brand: Measy Model: MEASY-RC11
The air mouse RC11 offers the best operating experience 2.4GHz wireless technology. Taking the RC11 in your hands, moving it slightly, the corresponding cursor will move on the screen. The sampling frequency of the RC11 can go up to 120Hz. The operation is flexible and smooth. Lines are sleek and de..
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Brand: DFRobot Model: DFR-FIT0306
A multi-use wrench used for installing the screws nut of the mobile platforms or the 3D printers and other tasks is the cross wrench. Much like a four-way tire iron, the cross wrench usually has one arm that is longer making it shaped more like a cross than an X. There are usually different size too..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-36
The Adafruit "midnight hacker" is a Leatherman Squirt ES4 and a very handy, unique key-chain size multi-tool. The E4 sets you up with 20GA, 18GA, 16GA, 14GA and 12GA wire strippers and electrical wire cutters to handle all kinds of precise jobs. The gripping edges on the ES4's spring-action pliers h..
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Brand: Other Model: SEEED-110990456
This drill toolkit is suitable for maker to do something such as drilling, grinding, cutting, polishing, engraving. The speed can be adjusted to 1 – 6 grade. Specification Voltage: 220 - 230V RPM: 8000 - 32500 /min Power: 180w Chuck range:1.6 - 3.2 mm..
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MINI Saw Bench MINI Saw Bench
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Brand: Other Model: SEEED-114990187
This mini saw bench is a good helper to cut small wood or plastic, etc. This product includes power charger and wrench. This product also includes a 110v-240v computer power converter. Note: This has a US plug. Features The motor is powerful and long life 545 motor It is very quiet. And it is..
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Brand: Other Model: SEEED-114990188
This mini vise is 8.5 x 9.5 cm. The mouth is 30mm. This vise can be fixed at 35mm table...
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Brand: Other Model: TOUCHPAD-R
The iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard specialize designed for Google TV (named as iPazzPort Google TV Mini Wireless Keyboard) which with full set of keys (standard keyboard layout) at such miniature size. It can easily manage those inputs required by internet TV watching as well as web surfing throug..
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Mooshimeter [TOL13843] Mooshimeter [TOL13843]
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-TOL13843
The Mooshimeter is a multi-channel circuit testing multimeter that uses your smartphone or tablet, through Bluetooth 4.0, as a wireless, high-resolution graphical display. Each Mooshimeter is able to safely measure 600V at 10A with 24bit resolution from up to 150 feet away. If you’re curious about t..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1929
Build and customize your very own open-source button grid controller based on the Adafruit Trellis with the OONTZ kit! Designed by PaintYourDragon, this DIY kit comes with delicious translucent button pads, controller pads, diffused white LEDS and a custom laser cut enclosure. The result is a sturdy..
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Panavise Jr - PV-201 [151] Panavise Jr - PV-201 [151]
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Brand: Other Model: PANAVISE-PV201
The best mini-vise for working on smaller PCBs (2.875" or less in one dimension)! The jaws are strong plastic that wont damage the PCB and doesn't mind if you hit it with the soldering iron by accident. Made in the USA. The easy-to-use single knob controls head movement through 3-planes: 210° Til..
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Brand: Sparkfun Model: SPARKFUN-COM10234
This piezo igniter can be used for all sorts of applications where you need a spark to make fun things happen. With a large red button, easy mounting, and a long detachable ignition cable, this would be a perfect fit for your next spud cannon, rocket launcher, or flamethrower. The igniter itself is..
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Brand: Adafruit Model: ADA-1969
The Pogo Pin Probe Clip is a great way to test and connect with pin-point accuracy without soldering! It's sort of like an alligator clip with a built in springy pogo pin - so you can connect to any PCB pad for 'scoping, analyzing or multimetering The clip is strong enough to grip onto a PCB, but h..
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