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Bare Conductive

Bare Paint Jar - 50ml Bare Paint Jar - 50ml
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-JAR-50ML
Bare Paint is the first non-toxic electrically conductive paint available to consumers today. This unique child-friendly material is designed for people of all ages to explore and learn about electronics with an inclusive, easy-to-use material. Bare Paint provides a dramatically different method of..
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Electric Paint Pen - 10ml Electric Paint Pen - 10ml
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-PEN-10ML
Draw circuits, solder components and repair devices on a range of surfaces with electrically conductive paint. Try it out, draw a circuit! Cold solder. Repair PCBs. Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint provides a great platform for discovering, playing, repairing and designing with electronics. Electr..
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-FCP-RP
The Robot Parade Flashing Card Pack provides an engaging group activity for teaching participants of all ages how electricity flows through circuits and introducing simple circuit design. Makes 30 flashing cards. This pack contains everything you need to lead a group of up to 30 participants throug..
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-FCS-MR
Makes 3 flashing cards The Merry Resistivities set contains all the materials you need to make three flashing greeting cards using Electric Paint. This fun activity is great for makers of all ages. Our easy step-by- step instructions show you how to draw simple circuits with Electric Paint and att..
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Touch Board Touch Board
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Brand: Bare Conductive Model: BARE-TOUCHBOARD-CE
The Touch Board is a tool to make your projects interactive, responsive, smart or just fun. The Touch Board is designed as an easy-to-use platform for a huge range of projects. Use the Touch Board to change the world around you by turning almost any material or surface into a sensor. Paint a lights..
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